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Elements of style
Etiquette Training
The oldest art in the world. Mastered by the English and suited for both national and international needs.
Dining skills
The correct protocol at the table
The Science of Personal Dress and Grooming
Your Body beautiful and dress that highly complements YOU.
Language and Speaking Skills
Clear cut diction! free flow of words and bringing your point across
Event Management-Master of Ceremonies
Royal, Special, Unique Bespoke. Masterminding your event and showcasing the function with International protocol.
Preparing for an interview
Personal presence with preparedness for a positive first impression.
Britain-India -Sweden Connect
Knowledge and advice to Students, GAP Years, Corporates and Nurses
Quality & Safety Management
Working on improving you, your team and your business in Quality, Safety and Security.
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Sharper Edge India is formed by the brightest and sharpest minds in the business of soft skills, etiquette and protocol. These individuals have picked up the nuances of perfect dress, sensibility, appearance and elegance that goes with their territory of international business.  The company is aligned with Corporates in every segment of global business including the world of fashion and design to international shipping companies that strive to work with a range of nationalities in great synchronicity. Our clients include franchisee's representing Satya Paul , Bwitched, Burberry, Tie Rack, Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Venetta Bottega, Crabtree & Evelyn, Paul Smith to Mega Shipping Companies based in Monaco, Scandinavia, the UK to young individuals who came to us with humbleness and humility but with great ambition and hard work we helped them to become Investment Specialists and Global Bankers with great personalities.
Vivek Bhasin CEO leads Sharper Edge India. Having lived and worked though 100 countries, he speak 5 languages which include Spanish and Swedish. He was Managing Director of a global food chain, part of Fortune 500 companies and worked in Latin America and the British Isles. Having a British Masters Licence, a Sea Captain who navigated around Cape Horn, Estrecho de Magallanes, kept clear of Somali Pirates in the Gulf of Somalia and amongst others worked with 65 nationalities. Vivek projects international etiquette with style and is also a professional in Safety, Quality and Security linked to Anti-terrorism. He is also on the steering committee of Costa Rica's River Torres which is being upgraded to its glorious past, bringing people closer to its banks to enjoy both its natural diversity and also clean, clear walks with culinary establishments. Vivek's education in soft skills started at the reputed Bishop Cotton School Shimla, affliliated to Marlborough College and Rugby School. He is also a certified Radio Presenter, a Poet, a writer and a Romantic at Heart! 
Dhani Bhasin a Swede, VP and Co-founder of  Sharper Edge India has a degree in Business and Economics. He was in the military, in Sweden's Royal Guard and has inculcated the best traditions of Scandinavia. He is the face and Brand Ambassador of Sharper Edge India with international experience from work in England, Turkey, Spain, China and India. He strives to impress upon our clients the dire need to become more aware of the world and push themselves to be the best. Dhani travels frequently between India and Sweden for various assignments.

Alexander George is a Masters candidate in International Relations at Cambridge University. He previously worked for an international law firm in London and is the founder of Generation 2 Generation, a political salon which hosts high calibre talks and events on current affairs for London young professionals. Alexander has a strong interest in politics and has worked on election campaigns in both the United Kingdom and United States. He did his undergraduate degree at the London School of Economics where he read history. With his British upbringing and Indian heritage, Alexander is passionate about fostering stronger links between young leaders in the two countries.

Sharat Bhasin a dashing and handsome Sea Captain who has a diverse range of passionate engagements, from sourcing the finest sandstone in Rajasthan and sculputoring them into works of art , Fine Art!  that the British strive to possess for their lovely gardens, to a Master in divine culinary from Italian to Chinese to French to Italian to Indian, he is a passionate Chef creating his own signature dishes, in line with the greatest. Maintaining his humbleness, politeness with a glimmer of mischief in his sparkling eye! Sharat is a lover of wine and should be placed along with the Wine Masters and Leading Sommeliers of the World. He too hails from Bishop Cotton School, Shimla and later mastererd ocean navigation with advanced studies in Australia.



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