Sharper Edge India
Elements of style
Etiquette Training
The oldest art in the world. Mastered by the English and suited for both national and international needs.
Dining skills
The correct protocol at the table
The Science of Personal Dress and Grooming
Your Body beautiful and dress that highly complements YOU.
Language and Speaking Skills
Clear cut diction! free flow of words and bringing your point across
Event Management-Master of Ceremonies
Royal, Special, Unique Bespoke. Masterminding your event and showcasing the function with International protocol.
Preparing for an interview
Personal presence with preparedness for a positive first impression.
Britain-India -Sweden Connect
Knowledge and advice to Students, GAP Years, Corporates and Nurses
Quality & Safety Management
Working on improving you, your team and your business in Quality, Safety and Security.
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Sharper Edge India represents an image of sophisticated perfection, a purveyor of soft skills matched by none in the vast India sub-continent. The company was set up by the sharpest minds in this critical business where today's success needs more than just theoretical knowledge but the art of being a global representative in style and perfection. To create that very First Impression! Yes Team Sharper Edge India have arrived bringing with them a combination of over 100 countries! 

Team Sharper Edge India (SEI) hail from countries as varied as Latin America, the United Kingdom and Sweden. They understand the importance of the word success while remaining tied to the rich heritage and cultural diversity of India.

SEI offers courses in soft skills, etiquette and protocol both to individuals, companies and to different branches of business. This includes luxury fashion brands looking to upgrade the performance levels of their Sales Executives. The company helps corporates to create a better understanding of differences in culture especially with India. SEI also equips 'Young Indians' with skills and training necessary to be successful in today's highly competitive world. 

Safety & Quality is an integral part of any company ethos and Mission Statement. SEI helps businesses to address, improve and apply S&Q protocols with due diligence and commitment. 

SEI  works hard with its customers to achieve International Elegance. Courses are customed designed to ensure you maintain your unique individuality and add polish to your team. 

At Sharper Edge India we widen horizons by pushing back boundaries in our quest for meaningful interaction at all levels.




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